iMRSone Omnium1 System

iMRSone Omnium1 2.0 PEMF

iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 System

Developed, engineered and designed in Switzerland the updated iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1 is the latest generation of intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS) system based on Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) technology. This is the same proven technology found in professional iMRS systems, but in a stylish, portable design using a battery-powered Android tablet. With just half the footprint of the original iMRS system, you can now carry the system anywhere and anytime. With its high-capacity battery, you can use it for up to 6 hours continuously without worrying about the power source.

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iMRSone 2.0 Software

The software interface for Omnium1 was created based on the newest findings in terms of easy, safe and effective operation. Simple menu structure, large touch icons with easy-to-read font sizes, and a fresh, modern and high contrast surface design allow intuitive and simple usability within minutes of instruction. It also comes with 5 preinstalled quick start programs. The following applications can be activated with a single touch button:

  • Relaxation
  • Performance
  • Activation
  • Sleep
  • Regeneration
iMRSone Omnium1 PEMF App

Omnium1 Applicators

iMRSone Omnium1 OmiMat

Triple-fold, 6 built-in, non-insulated, solid copper coils in 3 segments, Triple saw-tooth wave impulse, and magnetic field strength max. 45 micro Tesla, an increasing amount of windings from top to bottom.

iMRSone Omnium1 Full-Body Lounge Chair
iMRSone Omnium1 OmniPad

Single-fold, 2 built-in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, the same amount of windings, square wave impulse, magnetic field strength max. 70 micro Tesla, flexible fixing belt with an adjustable extension for a simple and effective local application.

Omnium1 OmniPad PEMF system
iMRSone Omnium1 OmniSpot

single segments connected with a flexible belt. 2 built-in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, the same amount of windings, square wave impulse, magnetic field strength max. 120 micro Tesla, Helmholtz-effect (=homogenous magnetic field) due to the opposite arrangement of the coils during the application. Fixing belt for an easy and effective, punctual application.

iMRSone Omnium1 OmniSpot

Over the last 30 years, Brainwave Entrainment has becoming more acceptable in the field of modern mental training techniques as more clinical studies and sciences supporting the use of it. The main application of brainwave entrainment is in the field of mental stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. OmniBrain is a 2-channel audio-visual brainwave entrainment system and works independently with the left and right channel, that when used in conjunction with the iMRS PEMF system, can help achieve a very good mind-body relaxation effect.

iMRSone Omnium1 OmniBrain Brainwave Entrainment System