Refurbished Omnium1

Check with us on refurbished control systems based on 1.0 hardware if you need basic full-body functionality without the latest Omnium1 2.0 tablet (control panel) / controller.

Omnium1 1.0 tablet offers similar functionality to the latest 2.0 tablet, with the exception of the following

  • Non-removable battery (2.0 offers user-replaceable battery)
  • Support for the 3-in-1 adapter
  • Support of auto-start of program
  • Better Music management capability in OmniBrain

Other than the above, Omnium1 1.0 tablet is forward compatible with all the new hardware (OmniMat, OmniPad, OmniSpot, OmniBrain 2.0 version)

The price is varied according to the age/condition/official warranty validity. All refurbished products will come with a minimum 6 months warranty (either official or local Singapore warranty), and free 1-year after-sales (carry-in) services.

Contact us for more information and availability