Software Update for iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1

Latest Software Update for iMRSone App and OmniBrain App  on 2 Feb 2020 – Version 4.1.20011x


1. application timer

You can now program a session to automatically start a session of Fast Start Program or a manually predefined session at a specific time of the day. You can also choose between one-time activation or daily repetition.

2. Pause Function

You are now able to pause an active application anytime during the session and continue it without losing the preselected configuration.

3. Fast Start Programs – OmniBrain

All Fast Start Programs offer now fully synchronized OmniBrain-settings, such as predefined colour as well as predefined frequency range (Organ Clock), no further manual settings needed!

4. Music Playlists

The new update allows you to create playlists out of the list of uploaded titles. They can then be selected from the designated window prior to an application.

5. User profile Notification

If you start an application from the existing User Profile, the selected user Profile will be displayed in the header of the application screen.


If you would like to perform a separate Brain Wave Entrainment session, all Fast Start Programs are available now as well. The user may only select the brightness for individual comfort.


Both apps have been expanded to include the languages “Traditional Chinese” and “Simplified Chinese”.

These updates only apply to the iMRSone 2.0 Omnium1.