How do I know my Omnium1 system is working?

As the output of PEMF is a magnetic field, our body is not able to pick-up the signal based on our 5 senses, unless we have a magneto sensor like in some animals. There are at least three ways to test the working of the Omnium1 system using the following methods:

  1. Get a Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) detector / tester. These are devices that can pick up the presence of EMF. Read out more here. These detectors sometimes are also known as ghost meter, as they can pick up the faint electro-magnetic field.
  2. If you own a Smartphone (IOS or Android), chances are your smartphone already equipped with the capability of detecting EMF (though not quite accurate). Find out the Free EMF tester here
  3. Place a relatively strong magnet over the mat/pad/spot. Set the intensity to 400. You should feel some light pulse when you place your finger on top of the magnet. If you don’t feel it, flip the magnet side and try again. Do note there is no guarantee of success for this method.

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