How long will a full charged battery last?

Under optimal battery condition, a full charge will able to last around 4 hours of continuous usage at maximum intensity of 400.

For general usage (2-3 sessions a day at 8 minutes) and standby mode when not in use, this should last you through 2-3 days easily without needing to recharge. The in-built battery has an estimated recharge cycle of 500 times under optimal condition and care.

There are several recommendations by Battery University on care for lithium batteries to extend its life.

  • Keep and charge the Omnium1 at moderate (i.e. 15-25°c). Lithium batteries don’t like extreme temperature (i.e., freezing or under the hot weather)
  • Shallow discharges and recharges. For instance, recharge the battery when it hits around 50% instead of 20% according to latest recommendation. This will put lesser stress on the battery, and avoid full charge 100%.
  • Turn off the tablet when charging to avoid parasite load (as this may confuse the charger)
  • Try to recharge
  • If you are going to keep the tablet for storage, charge the tablet until 40-50% full instead of 100%.

All that being said, this is still up to your assessment if this is worth the effort. Afterall the internal battery is still replaceable at a cost. In addition, the system can still function with internal battery unplugged for most models.

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