Can PEMF from Omnium1 Applicators damage my electronics?

Strictly speaking, you should not place your electronics (i.e. phone, tablet, memory card) on top of the system while it’s operating. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages caused to your electronics for such cases. Always place your electronic at least 1 meter away from the applicator.

However, in practice, as the magnetic field generated from iMRS system is so low (i.e. 1 µT – 120µT) is basically about the same strength of earth’s magnetic field. It simply has not enough field strength to cause any corruption or damages to your electronic devices.

However, people with a pacemaker or any form of electronic implants should stay away from the system still.

Avoid using electronics while using the system, as the active electronic component and EMF generated by these devices may interfere and potentially attenuate the PEMF signals, weakening the effect it has on you.

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