The Screen shows Select Boot Mode:

Your Omnium1 tablet does not boot up normally to white Omnium1 Logo screen. Instead it goes into a boot mode selection screen as show below. Touch screen and power button won’t response.

Omnium1 Boot Mode Selection Screen

You may have accidentally press POWER and VOLUME+ buttons at the same time when you are trying to startup the Omnium1 tablet. Worry not, this is a built-in feature of Android system. Follow the steps below to get your tablet to boot up normally.

First of all, take note of the volume (+) and (-) button location next to the power button. Use the Volume (+) button to move the <<== arrow to [Normal Boot] selection. Then Press Volume (-) button to select the option. The tablet will now boot normally.

If Volume (+)/(-) does not response (frozen) any more, find a paper clip/sharp object and insert into the pin reset hole gently. This should revive your tablet. If it still doesn’t work, contact your nearest service center.


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