Screen shows foreign (Chinese) character!

In some rare occasion, you may see the below (or screen layout with Chinese Character) like below. Do not Panic; even you are not familiar with Chinese Character. Just follow few simple rules, and simple character recognition skill will be able to get you out of this.

What happened here is you have triggered the factory testing mode. Factory testing mode can be activated when you power up the tablet while holding on to the -Vol button. This screen is meant for factory testing purpose, so do not attempt to run any test unnecessary (if you do understand Chinese).

To get yourself out, remember the following:

  • Power button = Selection
  • +Vol = Return to the previous screen (or you might see in the sub-screen, usually the last line as “返回“
  • -Vol = Scroll through selection
  • 重启手机 = Reboot

It depends on which screen you are at the point in time, always use the -Vol button to scroll to the last line of the menu option (which means “return to the previous screen”). Keep doing this until you see the main screen (above image). Then scroll to the last line and choose reboot (重启手机), and then press Power button once.

You should be out of the wood safe!

In Omnium1 2.0, there key combination to factory mode is different and you will have lesser chance to stumble on it. However if you every do, follow the same “exit strategy” outlined above.

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