How to verify PEMF effect?

As iMRS’s PEMF works at the cellular at a very low magnetic intensity level, not everyone can feel the effect immediately during the use. However, there are means to verify the effect of PEMF scientifically, or at least visually. These includes:

•  Clinical documented case histories
•  Darkfield microscopy and thermography before and after treatment
•  Observation of daily life activity (improved energy and stamina)
•  Mobility test – finger-floor distance test – muscle measurement test

However, the most valuable verification is still the user’s personal perception before and after MRS application, though it does taking some conscious effort and objectivity to eliminate any placebo effect. In general, the following is what we observe:

  • 50% of the patients initially feel nothing during the first treatment
  • 10-20% feel tingling or other sensations
  • 60% feel a loosening of the back muscles following treatment

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