How to do Factory Reset

This method is applicable to Omnium1 1.0 version

The most thorough way to “clean-up” your system is by performing a factory reset. Do note that this action will wipe all your user data and restore to the original factory settings.

Follow the steps below.

1. Shutdown your tablet.

2. Press POWER and VOLUME (+) button at the same time to bring out the boot menu

Omnium1 Boot Mode Selection Screen

3. Use VOL (+) button to move selection to [Recovery Mode]

4. At the Android Mascott Screen, press POWER button once to bring up the next menu

Android Mascot Screen

5. Use VOL (-) button to move selection to [wipe data/factory reset] and then press VOL (+) once to select

Omnium1 Recovery Screen - Wipe cache

Follow the next few confirmation screen to confirm the action. After finish, choose reboot system now to restart the tablet.

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