How to do a Factory Reset

Factory Reset for Omnium1 2.0 can now be executed directly from the system – without the need to boot-up into a special menu as in version 1.0. Do note that Factory Reset will reset all parameters and application version to the factory default. Meaning you will need to reconfigure your Wireless network, update your iMRSapp and OMNIBrain, and reinstall any 3rd party software if there is any.

If you are doing a factory reset to troubleshoot an abnormal behavior of your system, you can also first try to do iMRS Application level Reset

Follow the steps below to do a factory reset

  • Go to the App Screen and choose the System App (circled in Red). To get to the Apps screen, at the home screen, swipe up the screen to bring out the App Screen.
iMRSone Omnium1 System Icon
  • Choose System
iMRSone Omnium1 System Optin
  • Do Factory Reset (Erase All Data)
iMRSone Omnium1 Factor Reset

After you choose RESET Tablet, the system will automatically reboot. This will take a while. Take note for this option, all personal data stored in the tablet will get wiped out (except in SD Card).

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