How does Organ Clocks Work?

The iMRS and Omnium1 full body mat applicator use pre-programmed frequencies that vary depending on the time of the day the device is used. Although it’s named Organ Clocks, in actual implementation, this is closer to the concept of circadian (bio)rhythm – where frequencies focuses are varied across the time period.

The timing of the four organ clock programs are

  • Morning from 5 am – 10 am. Key frequency – 15Hz, Beta
  • Noon from 10am – 3pm. Key frequency – 5.5Hz, Alpha
  • Evening from 3 pm – 8 pm. Key frequency – 3 Hz, Low Theta
  • Night from 8 pm – 5 am. Key frequency – 0.5Hz, Delta

To learn more about the Organ clock, check out the Secret of iMRS Organ Clock

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