How to do eMMC reset

If operating system level factory reset doesn’t solve the problem, you can also try to do an eMMC memory reset at the firmware level. Do note that this option will reset the system to factory default, including any software updates and all configurations

  1. Power down the tablet.
  2. Press Volume (-) and Power button at the same time.
  3. When seeing the Omnium1 logo flash screen, remove finger from Power button, but continue to hold the volume (-) button until you see the factory mode menu. Remove your finger from the volume (-) button.

4. The menu is in Chinese Character. To clear memory and do a factory reset, use volume (-) button to scroll down the highlight bar to the 3rd last item (as highlighted above – 清除 eMMC. Press Power button once to select and activate the option. The screen will go blank for a while before returning to the factory mode menu again.

5. Next, reboot the tablet now by scrolling down the list and choose the last item – 重启手机。 Press Power button to select and reboot the tablet.

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