Adding Music to OmniBrain App

The system by default does not come with any music or Micro-SD card for the OmniBrain / Combo system. The music is to serve as accompanying and soothing effect and not the actual entrainment itself. Therefore music is optional as part of the session. You may also use your own personal favourites music instead. Following is the link to download the music files provided by Swiss Bionic Solutions:

Following is the brief instruction on how to add music files to the OmniBrain system for those who are already familiar with files transfer between PC/tablet/MicroSD card.

  1. Get a MicroSD Card (maximum recognizable size by the system is 32GB)
  2. Create a /IMRS folder at the root directory on the SD Card
  3. Copy  your music files (.mp3, .wav, are supported) to the /IMRS folder on the SD Card
  4. Insert the SD card to the tablet
  5. Launch the OmniBrain App or iMRSone App. The system will automatically pick up and play the music files during the operation.
OmniBrain Screen

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