Using 3-in-1 Adapter

3-in-1 adapter is an optional accessory where you can purchase to add-on to your Omnium1 2.0 system (it cannot support 1.0 version). The purpose is to allow you to connect two or more applicators to the system at the same, so you do not have to exchange the connection every time you swap applicators.

When using the 3-in-1 adapter the first, time, note the following:

  1. 20-pin flat port assignment. Unlike the default D/A converter, the OmniBrain side must be plugged into the 3-in-1 adapter end as show in the diagram, otherwise the system will not be able to detect any of the applicators or OmniBrain.
Omnium1 2.0 3-in-1 applicator assignment

2. To register the new add-on, you need to either perform a system reboot, or relaunch the iMRSone application (see picture below) every time after you plug the 3-in-1 adapter into the D/A converter. This is to ensure the system can recognize the new hardware. Otherwise, you won’t be able to select the 3 applicator on the main screen.

Omnium1 iMRSone Application

You are only required to perform (2) if you are using 3-in-1 adapter. If you are using standalone D/A converter, the system will automatically detect the last plugged in applicator.

When using the system with the 3-in-1 applicator, you have to press and select one of the applicator icons to the right of the quick start menu.

Quickstart programs will always default to OmniMat applicator only regardless which applicator you choose.

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