Brainwave Entrainment

iMRSone Omnium1 OmniBrain Brainwave Audio-visual Entrainment

iMRSOne Omnium1 OmniBrain can be used alongside or independently of PEMF systems as an audio visual brainwave entrainment tool. OmniBrain makes use of visual and audio signals to stimulate the brainwaves when combined with the Omnium1 PEMF system. Through LED goggles and headphones, rhythmic visual and audio signals will be generated in pre-programmed sequences.

Brain waves generally fluctuate between different ranges, each with its own characteristic frequencies (alpha, theta, alpha and beta). The predominant frequencies can influence our state of mind. A brain’s ability to adjust to external fluctuations is part of its adaptive nature. With OmniBrain, stimulation of the phases of being awake (morning), relaxing (noon), dreaming (evening), and deep sleep (night) can be achieved by generating a specific frequency pattern. OmniBrain can be used independently as well as with the Omnium1 PEMF applicators.

Omnium1 OmniBrain Meditation

OmniBrain Features

  • 5 Quick Start Programs that preset time, frequency program and LED color for best effect.
  • Fully customizable color combination (RGB 1-255 levels) with dynamic color adjustment
  • Customizable background music (you can upload your own favorite background music (.mp3 format) using additional micro-SD card (support up to 32GB in size)
  • Able to enable/disable google (light stimulation), audio tone (audio stimulation) and background music independently.
  • Run as standalone Audio/Visual entrainment system.
  • Work with any 3.5mm stereo headphone