OmniBrain 2.0 – Brainwave Entrainment

OmniBrain adds two additional dimensions of brainwave entrainment to the iMRS one system – the audio and visual sensory entrainment, on top of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) entrainment. OmniBrain is an improved version of iSLRS (intelligent Sound Light Relaxation System) that comes with the flag-ship iMRS system as an optional accessory. Key upgraded features of OmniBrain 2.0 includes

  • A more robust chipset that offers longer lifetime and usage durability
  • The goggle comes with a bigger surface area with a semi-hardened plate that offers better protection of the internal circuitry from damages. The bigger goggle also allows better coverage of face and filtering of environmental light during use.
  • Detachable ear bug. This is a long-due design upgrade as ear-bug is one of the most common failures due to usage. In the past, you will need to replace the entire OmniBrain unit if there is a faulty ear-bug.  Now you can remove the stock ear bug and use your own’s ear bug, or even over the ear headset for better audio entrainment effect.

Tips on using OmniBrain

OmniBrain can be used independently from other PEMF applicators with the OmniBrain App.

  • Use with your eyes closed for better effect and protection, while it’s still safe to use with your eyes open. When we close our eyes, the light gets filtered and reflected through our eye-lids, resulting in a wider dispersion of light
  • Use a comfortable light intensity. The effect of light stimulation may wear off after several minutes into the session. This is normal as our brain is programmed to filter out stimulus (i.e. noise) just like any other type of sensory stimulation. Regardless, the brainwave entrainment effect will still be there. There is no need to tune up the light intensity during the session.

Choosing the correct program

There are 4 programs available when using OmniBrian according to the system’s organ clock program. You can manually choose the appropriate organ clock for the desired effect based on your lifestyle and activities to follow. The choice of the organ clock program is less dependent on the time of the day, but what is relevant to the desired state of mind you wish to achieve. For instance, it’s perfectly fine to run evening or noon program in the early morning – if your objective is to achieve a relaxed state of mind. Nevertheless, when using the OmniBrain together with the OmniMat, you can only choose one program – for both the OmniMat and OmniBrain. So the choice of the organ clock will largely depend on what’s the priority of the application.

  • Morning Program (Beta Waves) 12-30Hz. These frequencies activate the body and the mind. The higher frequencies within this spectrum are responsible for cognitive functions such as concentration and memory. Use this program when you need focus, attentiveness, or preparing your mental state for any competition or performance related activity, including sports competition.
  • Noon Program: (Alpha Waves) they range in the spectrum from approx. 8 – 12 HZ. This brain waveform is responsible for being in a relaxed state without losing focus. This is important to “wind down”, reduce stress and pain. It also reduces circulating cortisol levels. The OmniBrain-Alpha-range should be used after a lunch break to activate the parasympathetic system (regeneration, relaxation) and to give your brain a “little break”. 10Hz is also known to be the optimal frequency for creativity. Alpha waves are the desired brainwave spectrum to achieve during meditation. For those who are practicing meditation, this is the program to use.
  • Evening Program (Theta Waves): frequency spectrum from approx. 4 – 7 HZ. These waves are connected with total relaxation and improvement of senses and creative forces. Theta wave activation is ideal for relaxation after an exhausting work-day. It calms brain activity without getting sleepy. Theta status is a creative status in which thoughts become clearer and are characterized by emotions. Do note that Theta Waves can easily put you to sleep, so if you are planning to stay alert after the session, use NOON program instead. Evening program can be an excellent program to use before sleep, as it will help to wind down the activeness of your mental state and prepare you for good night sleep.
  • Night Program (Delta Waves):  Frequencies up to 4 HZ. These frequencies are responsible for deep sleep and at the same time, increase the stability of individual sleep cycles. When the brain is in Delta state, the consciousness is very receptive. For this reason, Delta frequency is optimal to activate cell regeneration for the entire organism. Use Night program before sleep together with the full-body mat to achieve the best result.

Choose the correct color

Different color is believed to influence our mood and emotion. While most researches for visual entrainment used white light, color can offer another dimension of effect. Technically speaking, different color has a different wavelength, and hence energy and penetration depth. The differences may contribute to activating different aspect of our biological sensors that affect our hormones (i.e. blue light can signal to our pineal glands to release less melatonin that is responsible for sleep-inducing).

Following is the general recommendation and explanation on the choice of color shade in OmniBrain. We recommend using Green shades for a start, before experimenting with other color combination.

Green Shades:
Refresh and generate optimism and strengthen the general feeling of well-being. They promote inner calm and relaxation. Green is the color of the lightening of the heart and harmonic growth. Green shades are generally well tolerated by all people, without uncomfortable initial reactions.

Red Shades:
Contribute, vitality, decisiveness, and energy. Red shades strengthen the joy of life, feelings of self-worth and promote assertiveness and the power to go after and overcome hindrances. Spiritual development, vitality, bravery, and energy
CAUTION: People under stress, anxiety, or already in a bad mood should avoid RED color. If the person has a history of epilepsy or photo-seizure, avoid RED color unless under professional advice.

Blue Shades:
They are considered to be soothing and harmonizing. Blue symbolizes growth, persistence, and justice. It promotes the balance of energy, communication, and understanding of others. Sympathy, broad thinking and assertiveness Blue shades are also generally well tolerated by all people, without uncomfortable initial reactions. We advise against using blue shades 6 hours before going to bed. Blue light is known to inhibit the release of melatonin, our sleep-inducing hormones. Although the evening/night program may still have an effect over this, we do suggest eliminating any potential negative contributor to sleep quality.


Just how important is the color effect?

In our experience, color plays a relatively minor role in the effect of the overall audio-visual entrainment. Also since most of the time we recommend using the OmniBrain with eyes close, any color effect will largely be diffused directly by our eyelids and, hence how our brain received it. In only certain cases whereby the light color is interpreted directly by other parts of our body – i.e. blue light and pineal gland, the color will have greater influence.


Audio Entrainment

OmniBrain uses binaural as prevailing tones, with a mixed of isochronic tones in the background, depending on the program selected. This offers an excellent effect on hemispherical synchronization (left and right brain). For best audio soundwave stimulation. Use over the ear headset and set volume around 80 dB when using just the audio (tone) entrainment without background music, or use the correct earplug that achieves noise isolation. Find out about loudness reference here: as a rough guide.














What are the options for dead battery?

The omnium1 tablet comes with lithium batteries. Expected lifetime is around 2-3 years based on average usage (3-5 times uses, 1-3 charges per week), but again, mileage may vary based on many variables. Regardless the fact here is your battery will die and will no longer hold the charge after that. In the event your battery can’t even charge up to 15%, you may have an operational issue even you have connected the unit to the wall adapter, as the system may complain the battery is insufficient to run the applicator. What can you do?


  1. Contact the nearest Swiss Bionic Solution’s service centre to have your battery replaced. Depending on where you are and where your service centre is, the cost may range from USD 100-200, factoring the shipping cost. New Omnium1 2.0 will have a user replaceable battery. So one other option is you can opt for a trade-up option if that’s available within your region.
  2. If your tablet is no longer under warranty and you are not willing to spend extra to have the battery replaced, one way is to remove the battery connection from the tablet. The system can still run correctly with just the wall adapter, however, do note that you will always need to take note of adjusting the time once it’s completely powered down with no battery attached, as the system time will be reset. We recommend you engage a qualified service centre to remove the battery connector, as opening up the casing requires some skill so as not to break the parts. Also do note that once you have the battery removed, the tablet will no longer under any form of manufacturer’s warranty or support.



How to Re-calibrate Battery

There are times where your battery seems not charging correctly, or it doesn’t go to 100% regardless of how long you charge it.  This may be a sign of either a battery failure or your battery need to have a calibration exercise. The Android system keeps track of the battery % and may not always reflect 100% the actual state of the battery. Over times, what registered in the system may be out of sync, and this causes all sort of battery related issues. Before looking at the battery replacement option, you can try to calibrate the battery to see if that helps.

This is one of the most common (non-rooted) approaches in battery calibration.

Note: Do not do this too frequently and unnecessarily. Lithium batteries do not like such extreme exercise as this will shorten their lifespan. 

  1. Discharge your tablet fully until it powers itself off completely (dead). You can try to run the tablet in a high-intensity (i.e., intensity 400) setting with the Pad or Spot continuously. This should deplete the battery in a maximum of 4 hours.
  2. Turn the tablet on again. It should turn itself off quickly again.
  3. Now, plug the charger to the tablet, and without turning it on, let it charge until the on-screen says 100%.
  4. Unplug your charger and remove from the tablet.
  5. Turn the tablet on. If the battery indicator still doesn’t show 100 per cent, then plug back the charge with the tablet on, and continue charging until it hits 100%.
  6. Now, remove the charger and reboot the tablet. If the tablet still doesn’t indicate 100%, plug the charger back in until it hits 100%
  7. Repeat this cycle until it says 100 per cent (or as close as you think it’s going to get) when you start it up without it being plugged in.
  8. Finally, let your tablet discharge all the way down to 0% once more and let it turn off itself.
  9. Charge your tablet with the tablet turned off until the on-screen says 100%.

The process above should re-calibrate the system battery percentage.

The above process may not work if the problem is due to

  • Battery is dying physically. You need a replacement. If your system has been active for more than a year, then there is a high possibility
  • Your charger is not working or have connection issue. Always check for presence of the “charging symbol” as there is no charging light indicator on the tablet.


Screen shows foreign (Chinese) character!

In some rare occasion, you may see the below (or screen layout with Chinese Character) like below. Do not Panic; even you are not familiar with Chinese Character. Just follow few simple rules, and simple character recognition skill will be able to get you out of this.

What happened here is you have triggered the factory testing mode. Factory testing mode can be activated when you power up the tablet while holding on to the -Vol button. This screen is meant for factory testing purpose, so do not attempt to run any test unnecessary (if you do understand Chinese).

To get yourself out, remember the following:

  • Power button = Selection
  • +Vol = Return to the previous screen (or you might see in the sub-screen, usually the last line as “返回“
  • -Vol = Scroll through selection
  • 重启手机 = Reboot

It depends on which screen you are at the point in time, always use the -Vol button to scroll to the last line of the menu option (which means “return to the previous screen”). Keep doing this until you see the main screen (above image). Then scroll to the last line and choose reboot (重启手机), and then press Power button once.

You should be out of the wood safe!


Extended Warranty for Omnium1

Starting with immediate effect, you are able to purchase iMRS Omnium1 Extended Warranty for an additional period of 12 or 24 months during your initial system purchase. For existing customers who purchased the Omnium1 system during and before Oct 2016, you are allowed to purchased the extended warranty, provided your main system (i.e. Omnium1 Tablet, D/A converter, Applicators, etc.) are still under warranty. The extended warranty will not cover items that have already exceeded original warranty period. Exceptions are for replacement tablets with serial 20150429-xxxx series. Please contact us for more information.

omnium1-carefree-extended warranty


Terms & Conditions:

  • The extended warranty applies extended 12 months to the original warranty period. For instance, Carefree Plus 12 will add 12 months to Omnium1 Tablet (12 months + 12 months = total 24 months), Applicators (36 months + 12 months = total 48 months), OmniBrain (6 months + 12 months = total 18 months), and etc.
  • The extended warranty has to be purchased during the initial system purchase, except for customers who purchase the system before November 2016, subjected to approval.

Charge Up at Fitness Competition & Expo

mdsfce-omnium1 pemf singapore

PEMF for competitive sports and fitness of any level. It does not matter what discipline you are in – to excel, you need the skill, mental and physical capacities. iMRS PEMF technology can charge up your whole body’s cell potential, increasing ATP energy production, relax your mind, and help your body recovery faster. Daily use of 2-3 times, 8 minutes per session will help keep your body at the optimal level. And the best thing is – you can do it anytime and anywhere, with practically zero running cost!

Visit us at the FITNESS COMPETITION & EXPO, 5-6 November 2016, Hall 403-404 Booth C05 to have a free experience of an energy boost in just 8 minutes.

Visit for EXPO details.

Is Omnium1 a medical device?

Before answering this question, let’s understand the definition of medical device as defined by Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA):

What is a Medical Device?

A medical device is a product or equipment intended for medical use, such as to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases, or as a supportive aid for people with physical disability. While many medical devices such as x-ray machines, dialysis machines, infusion pumps and cardiac pacemakers are used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to help them diagnose and treat patients in hospitals or clinics, there are also a number of medical devices that are used by the patients, care givers and public in the home setting. Examples of common medical devices that you may use in your daily lives include wound dressings, digital thermometers, contact lenses and wound irrigation solutions.

Products such as body toning equipments, magnetic accessories and massagers, are not medical devices. These products are only intended for general well-being and do not prevent, diagnose, treat or alleviate injuries or diseases.


Purpose and Intended use of Omnium1 System

With the Omnium1 magnetic resonance stimulation system, weak, pulsating electromagnetic  fields  are  used  to  activate  various  physiological  processes  in  the  body  by improving the cell membrane potentials through accelerated ion transfer. This occurs through resonance effects triggered by the magnetic field pulses. The strength of these magnetic fields is no stronger than the average magnetic flux density of the Earth’s own magnetic field.

The Omnium1 resonance stimulation system can be used for the purpose of:

  • Relaxation
  • Prevention
  • Overall Well-being


Is Omnium1 a Medical Device?

So in short – Omnium1 is NOT a medical device.  If there is any doubt in its use, please contact us for further information. As each country’s definition of medical device may have some minor difference, the above statement may not be applicable to all countries.