Omnium1 Promotion April 2018


Omnium1 Spring’s Promotion

Now with the purchase of any Omnium1 Basic, Complete or Combo, get a free travel bag, USB kit and EMF Tester. In addition, for Singapore customers, you will entitled to our first year free on-site warranty service, unlimited! Contact us for more promotion details.

6/12 Month 0% Interest Installation Plan with OCBC Credit Card available.

All Omnium1 Systems come with 3 years default manufacturer’s warranty for PEMF applicator and DA Controller, 1 year warranty for control tablet and 6 months warranty for OmniBrain. For better peace of mind, you can also opt to extend the default warranty for up to 2 more years. We are offering a 1+1 extended warranty promotion. Purchase 1st year extended warranty and get the 2nd year free.














Extended Warranty for Omnium1

Starting with immediate effect, you are able to purchase iMRS Omnium1 Extended Warranty for an additional period of 12 or 24 months during your initial system purchase. For existing customers who purchased the Omnium1 system during and before Oct 2016, you are allowed to purchased the extended warranty, provided your main system (i.e. Omnium1 Tablet, D/A converter, Applicators, etc.) are still under warranty. The extended warranty will not cover items that have already exceeded original warranty period. Exceptions are for replacement tablets with serial 20150429-xxxx series. Please contact us for more information.

omnium1-carefree-extended warranty


Terms & Conditions:

  • The extended warranty applies extended 12 months to the original warranty period. For instance, Carefree Plus 12 will add 12 months to Omnium1 Tablet (12 months + 12 months = total 24 months), Applicators (36 months + 12 months = total 48 months), OmniBrain (6 months + 12 months = total 18 months), and etc.
  • The extended warranty has to be purchased during the initial system purchase, except for customers who purchase the system before November 2016, subjected to approval.

Charge Up at Fitness Competition & Expo

mdsfce-omnium1 pemf singapore

PEMF for competitive sports and fitness of any level. It does not matter what discipline you are in – to excel, you need the skill, mental and physical capacities. iMRS PEMF technology can charge up your whole body’s cell potential, increasing ATP energy production, relax your mind, and help your body recovery faster. Daily use of 2-3 times, 8 minutes per session will help keep your body at the optimal level. And the best thing is – you can do it anytime and anywhere, with practically zero running cost!

Visit us at the FITNESS COMPETITION & EXPO, 5-6 November 2016, Hall 403-404 Booth C05 to have a free experience of an energy boost in just 8 minutes.

Visit for EXPO details.

Is Omnium1 a medical device?

Before answering this question, let’s understand the definition of medical device as defined by Singapore Health Science Authority (HSA):

What is a Medical Device?

A medical device is a product or equipment intended for medical use, such as to diagnose, monitor or treat diseases, or as a supportive aid for people with physical disability. While many medical devices such as x-ray machines, dialysis machines, infusion pumps and cardiac pacemakers are used by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to help them diagnose and treat patients in hospitals or clinics, there are also a number of medical devices that are used by the patients, care givers and public in the home setting. Examples of common medical devices that you may use in your daily lives include wound dressings, digital thermometers, contact lenses and wound irrigation solutions.

Products such as body toning equipments, magnetic accessories and massagers, are not medical devices. These products are only intended for general well-being and do not prevent, diagnose, treat or alleviate injuries or diseases.


Purpose and Intended use of Omnium1 System

With the Omnium1 magnetic resonance stimulation system, weak, pulsating electromagnetic  fields  are  used  to  activate  various  physiological  processes  in  the  body  by improving the cell membrane potentials through accelerated ion transfer. This occurs through resonance effects triggered by the magnetic field pulses. The strength of these magnetic fields is no stronger than the average magnetic flux density of the Earth’s own magnetic field.

The Omnium1 resonance stimulation system can be used for the purpose of:

  • Relaxation
  • Prevention
  • Overall Well-being


Is Omnium1 a Medical Device?

So in short – Omnium1 is NOT a medical device.  If there is any doubt in its use, please contact us for further information. As each country’s definition of medical device may have some minor difference, the above statement may not be applicable to all countries.