iMRS Promotion July 2017

July 2017 iMRS Promotion

Purchase an iMRS Complete and get a FREE upgrade to iMRS Professional or
Purchase an iMRS Complete SET and get a FREE upgrade to Professional SET respectively.

SET bundle comes with iMORE and iSLRS. iMORE offers you a real-time minute by minute monitoring of your heart rate variable and adjusts the intensity according to your bio-feedback. With iMORE, you no longer need to worry about setting the right intensity when using the full body mat system. iMORE will help you to optimize the effectiveness of the PEMF system according to individual’s body condition. iSLRS (Sound-Light Relaxation System) is an integrated brainwave audio-visual brainwave entrainment system that complements the PEMF system, to regulate your mental state based on the time of the day (organ clock).


What’s more, with the FREE upgrade, you will also get a FREE 1-year on-site warranty services for any purchase in Singapore.

6/12 Months 0% Interest Installment is available with OCBC Credit Card.