User Guides

Ominum1 Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Omnium1 iMRS one Operating Manual (PDF 5.8 MB)

Omnium1 iMRS OmniBrain User Manual (PDF 7MB)

A Brief Introduction Brainwave Entrainment (PDF, 1.3MB)


Brainwaves Entrainment .MP3 Music

If you own an OmniBrain, download and copy the following files into /IMRS directory of the MicroSD card. The music files will automatically appeared on the playlist of the OmniBrain App. Do note that while these files are labelled Alpa/Beta/Theta, they are not the real source of entrainment, rather the binaural beats (tone) is the one that does the audio entrainment. You may use any of the below music with any of the iMRS session.

1 Alpha – Chinese Girl

3 Beta – Rhythm Of Djembe

4 Beta – Nada Brahma

5 Theta – Sahara Breete

6 Theta – Timeless Space

7 Delta – Wisdom Of Life

8 Delta – Silent Savannah