Omnium1 2.0 Features

Omnium1 2.0 is the first major upgrade since its initial release in 2014 with a major redesign of key hardware components and operating platform. Following is the preview of what is expected in the new 2.0 package.

New Exciting Features:

  • User removable battery compartment. This is a very significant improvement as unlike mobile phone or tablets; the Omnium1 system is expected to last for more than 3 years, upward to even 10 years or more with proper care and maintenance. With a removable and exchangable battery, this will help to prolonged the usability period. The other benefit of removable battery feature is it addresses the shipping restriction by many couriers and shipping agencies, as many of them no longer ship electronic components with high-powered lithium batteries. Being able to separate the battery from the tablet easily, now we can have more options for shipping.
  • New Tablet housing shape (a P shape) that offers better handling and can also serve as a tablet angled stand for better visibility. This is good for on flat surface (i.e. desktop) display. Also, this new design does make the tablet looks more like a professional control unit instead of normal off-the-mill tablets.

  • New optional adapter that allows you to connect three applicators to the new D/A converter at the same time.  You will need Omnium1 2.0 tablet to work with this new feature. This is an excellent feature as one of the most common complaints of existing design is the time and effort to change the applicators in between sessions.
  • New material for applicators (OmniMat, OmniPad and OmniSpot). While the new applicators were made available since mid-2018 (read post here), this is made official as part of new Omnium1 2.0 package.

Other features

  • Casing Material for the new D/A converter is housed with additional aluminium cuff, which serves as a perfect layer for heat absorption and dissipation. What this means is it will minimizing overheating of D/A converter that requires a cool-down period between intensive sessions.

  • The new battery (18650 lithium batteries) is the similar grade as those used in Tesla electric cars. Lithium batteries and technology is always the Achilles heel of modern portable technologies, and the company has spent a considerable amount of resources and researches in bettering the battery technology for the Omnium1 system.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat operating platform, from the earlier Android 4.4.4 KitKat version. This is a significant jump, but may not means a lot if your primary usage is the Omnium1 Apps. Regardless this is still an important update as there are many new Android applications no longer support version 4 and below.
  • Pricing for the new Omnium1 2.0 is expected to increase. However, between now and actual release date, you can still pre-order the Omnium1 2.0 system and lock it down at existing price point. Contact us now to find out more about this offer.