What are the options for dead battery?

The omnium1 tablet comes with lithium batteries. Expected lifetime is around 2-3 years based on average usage (3-5 times uses, 1-3 charges per week), but again, mileage may vary based on many variables. Regardless the fact here is your battery will die and will no longer hold the charge after that. In the event your battery can’t even charge up to 15%, you may have an operational issue even you have connected the unit to the wall adapter, as the system may complain the battery is insufficient to run the applicator. What can you do?


  1. Contact the nearest Swiss Bionic Solution’s service centre to have your battery replaced. Depending on where you are and where your service centre is, the cost may range from USD 100-200, factoring the shipping cost. New Omnium1 2.0 will have a user replaceable battery. So one other option is you can opt for a trade-up option if that’s available within your region.
  2. If your tablet is no longer under warranty and you are not willing to spend extra to have the battery replaced, one way is to remove the battery connection from the tablet. The system can still run correctly with just the wall adapter, however, do note that you will always need to take note of adjusting the time once it’s completely powered down with no battery attached, as the system time will be reset. We recommend you engage a qualified service centre to remove the battery connector, as opening up the casing requires some skill so as not to break the parts. Also do note that once you have the battery removed, the tablet will no longer under any form of manufacturer’s warranty or support.



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