iMRS Organ Clock and how it works?

The iMRS and Omnium1 full body mat applicator use pre-programmed frequencies that vary depending on the time of the day the device is used. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, vital energy flows through 12 organs and complete one cycle every 24 hours. The organ clock diagram below shows the circadian flow of the vital energy – Qi through various organ systems in relation to the time of the day. Each organ is most active (most energy) for a two-hour period.  The iMRS is designed to deliver packets of energy that are believed to have optimal cellular resonance based on active meridians during the time slots.


The timing of the four organ clock programs are

  • Morning 5am – 10am
  • Noon 10am – 3pm
  • Evening 3pm – 8pm
  • Night 8pm – 5am

To learn more about the Organ clock, check out the Secret of iMRS Organ Clock

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