How to simplify startup and operation – Tips

You are reading section most likely because you are looking for ways to simplify the operations, a one button solution for someone who hates complex operation. Fortunately, with Omnium1 running on Android 4.4.2 platform, you do have some options to simplify the operation.

Different from iMRS controller, Omnium1 tablet doesn’t start into the application upon first boot up or when it returns from sleep mode. It will shows you a login screen, which you need to unlock it, then launch the iMRSone application. It is a simple steps, but yet there are time for some people, especially seniors, this can prove to be a challenge.

Following are some tips you may consider:


Disable the Lock Screen

Since most users do not store any personal information on the Omnium1 tablet, there really isn’t any real need to lock the screen. You can easily disable the lock screen by setting the Screen Lock option to NONE

  1. At the home screen, go to Settings
  2. Go to Security > Screen Lock
  3. By default the setting is “Slide”. Choose “None”  and then exit the Settings

Now, whenever you boot up from cold or pressing the Power/Home button to resume the tablet, the tablet will not show you the lock screen anymore. You will save 1,095 swipes per year, assuming you are using it 3 times a day 🙂


Install an AutoStart Program

If you are purchasing this unit for your old folks or someone who are not exactly that tech savvy, aside disabling the lock screen, you might also want to install an autostart software that will automatically launch the iMRSone application upon boot-up. So all they need is to press the power button, then wait for the application to run.

One of our favorite free autostart App is AutoStart – No Root from Guro Labs. Download Link below.


At the AutoStart setting – add iMRSone as the application and turn Auto Startup to ON. You may also adjust the start delay (s) in seconds. Set to 0 second to speed up the launch.

AutoStart Setting

Uncluttered the Home Screen

For any new user looking at the Omnium1 screen – the first response is “what are all these icons” and “where is the application?”. The problem here is the icons are just too look-alike and it’s hard for users to differentiate them without looking into the small application name below it.

Omnium1 Home Screen












A simple way to address this is simply move all unused or non-essential icons to the next screen. For a start, drag the icons for documents,, and to the next screen. And Centre the iMRSone and OmniBrain App to the centre of the screen. Drag OmniBrain to the next screen if you are not using OmniBrain.

Another good Free Application is Giganticon – Big Icons by Gabriel Taubman, available at Google Store which you can selectively magnified the icons of choice (like below).



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