iMRS Promotion 2019

iMRS May 2019 Promotion

Complete your Professional model with free iSLRS and iMORE add-on when you purchase a Professional model this month. The iMORE’s bio-feedback function offers excellent complementary to Professional’s iGuide system in providing a minute-by-minute assessment of your Heart Rate Variable (HRV) on your body condition, and intelligently adjust the full-body mat’s intensity accordingly. In addition, the audio-visual mental relaxation iSLRS headset completes the full body and mind relaxation experience.

What’s more, you will also get FREE 1-year on-site warranty services for all Singapore based customers. Contact us now for more information.

6/12 Months 0% Interest Installment is available with OCBC Credit Card.


All iMRS system comes with 3 years manufacturer’s default warranty for applicators and controller. iSLRS and iMORE come with 6 months warranty. You can opt to extend the warranty for up to 2 additional years. We are offering a 1+1 extended warranty promotion. With a purchase of 1 year extended warranty, we will give you a 2nd year free.

Omnium1 2.0 Promotion


Omnium1 2.0 Promotion

Omnium1 version 2.0 stock is in! For the month of May, get a free OmniBrain when you purchase the Omnium1 Complete bundle. Contact us now for more information. Find out more about the new Omnium1 version 2.0 features here.

6/12 Month 0% Interest Installation Plan with OCBC Credit Card available.













New Omnium1 Applicators 2018

The latest Omnium1’s applicators are now covered with the bio-compatible PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) material that is used in the flagship iMRS system, as compared to the PU leather used in the earlier version. The material is much more durable in all climate conditions, especially in the hot and humid climates. The material also shares the medical certificate used in iMRS, though Omnium1 is not a certified medical system. This is to ensure the Vinyl material is bio-compatible and bio-tested to the required medical requirements.

Contact us for trade-in options.